Let's Hear it for the Boys!!

So after making all those girl quilts... I figured the boys can't be left out and made a few for the little boys that might need a little donation quilt. My first stop was for some Disney inspiration with some Mickey Mouse!

But this time, after suggestions from another lady from the Project Linus group, to keep the quilting a bit more simple and larger. I guess the tighter quilting makes for a stiffer quilt. Now with cotton batting, I would have to agree but the poly-batting is so "fluffy" that even the tighter quilting doesn't seem to make the quilt feel stiff. I am sure the little one will love it nonetheless.

And aside from my son's quilt, I have not made many boy themed quilts. It was a happy change to work with only blue fabrics.

More for Project Linus!

Well, I didn't give up after just one donation quilt. LOL

Here is another quilt I made from a bundle of fabrics that were given to me as a present. I thought they looked fun and had just seen a quilt with HSTs (half square triangles) that were just randomly sorted out and sewn together.
Now while I not much for "random" I did lay the pieces out on the ground to keep the like fabrics from collecting in one area. It was hard to allow the blocks to lay where they fell. 

But in the end, it was different looking and allowed me another opportunity to use my new Brother PQ1500s mid-arm sewing machine for FMQing.

I hope the little girl that gets this quilt loves it as much as I loved making it. 

Keeping up with the Jones's!

How do you keep up? And donation quilts for Project Linus

I always wonder how these other bloggers can keep up with their projects, family, Facebook and clients. Then I also have classes and now work study. This year I was qualified for work study and while I am happy to reduce my student loans... it is very time consuming. Everything has suffered - my grades, my housework, and my sewing.

But I still was able to get a few things done this year and I am happy with most of them. Before school started up this year - I was able to join the Project Linus quilting group where we get together monthly and share our projects and collect all our donation quilts. They are a great bunch of ladies. If you want to read more about the Project Linus, click here. It is a great organization!!

While I was only able to attend one meeting before classes started, I still collected some fabric and even made a few donation quilts. All the quilts are approximately 40x50 with a simple design and poly-batting that was donated to the group for this purpose:

For some variety, I decided to do a combination of FMQing designs with the solid fabrics. It came out pretty cool - but I hated working with the poly-batting. I think I'll spray baste in the future.